My Reasons for Brexit
Thanks for your comments regarding my recent Brexit post. Despite the fact that most of you wanting me to create a video on the topic (107 votes to 33) I've decided not to. The primary reason being (as many of you have said) is that it's not strictly relevant to my channel. I will, however, give you what I earnestly believe is more than an adequate answer in text, and so what follows is two Facebook posts that I made on the topic, one before the referendum and one after.

But just before that, I want to be perhaps a bit too honest with you (because some of your comments have been really playing on my mind). To those of you who were truly “disappointed” in me, I must say, I’m disappointed by your disappointment. I can understand disagreeing with me (as there was, and still is, compelling arguments to remain), but implicit in your disappointment is the assumption that I did not apply to Brexit any of the reason, rationality, logic and concern that I do in areas such as philosophy, science and theology (which, presumably, is the very reason you support me in the first place). Though then again, perhaps I'm taking the word "disappointment" too personally. Nevertheless, I felt the need to convey this.

With that said, my goal in sharing the following is not to sway your opinion, but is simply to show that there was (and still is) a “good” case for Brexit. If after reading this you're able to at least say "I now understand (though still disagree) that there was good arguments for Brexit", then I'd have achieved what I set out to do.


This post is not aimed at anyone particular. I have had many conversations with people who want to stay in the EU, leave the EU, have changed their minds about the EU, and who are utterly confused and fed up with both sides. 

I’m posting these facts for two reasons. The first is for those who are undecided and are still researching the topic – here are some strong and independent references that support the Leave Campaign (most articles, from both sides, have little to no independent references, and quite frankly, that’s not good enough). For what it’s worth, I hope you consider these facts before you make your decision. 

The second reason I’m posting these facts is for those of you who are selling the narrative that there are absolutely no good reasons to leave the EU, and due to this are implying that only those who’re racist and ill-informed want to leave. I’ll be honest… you’re annoying me. I’m not pretending that only brainwashed hippies want to stay in the EU, as I know damn well that there are strong and valid arguments from both sides. So please, pay me the same curtsy, and stop lying. Just stop it… you’re better than this. 

Whatever side you end up on, for the sake of our children’s children, GET THE FACTS. After all, the vote we’re about to cast will impact them far greater than it will us. 

Facts on Migration: 

Immigration is now the most prominent issue to the UK public. 

Regardless to skill level and education, the UK currently has to accept ALL persons entering from Europe. 

Over 1.5 million EU migrants have moved to the UK between 2004 and 2010, of which most of them are low-skilled and hence deprive British citizens of low-skilled jobs. 

In contrast, non-EU visa applicants are far more likely to be skilled workers (due to our tighter restrictions). 

Due to the current free-movement of people within the EU, the UK’s attempts to reduce migration have led to incredibly tight restrictions for non-EU students and workers (ironically, this is where the real discrimination and "racism" is happening). 

Migration accounts for one third of the deficit in social housing and undoubtedly puts pressure on public services as a whole. 

Facts on European & UK Law: 

Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg ARE responsible for more than half of the UK’s legislation. 

We currently have less than 13% of the votes in the EU Parliament. 

However, when we first joined the EU, we had almost 20% of the votes. 

The EU has passed over half a million pages of law since its inception in 1957. 

Second only to Germany, the UK Council has voted “NO” more frequently than any other nation to EU proposals (but has been outvoted by other Council members who don’t share our difficulties and values). 

Facts on EU Trade: 

As part of the price of the membership to the EU, the UK CANNOT establish free trade and investment agreements with countries outside of the EU. We may only trade with countries outside of the EU once / if the European Commission establishes a deal with those countries. 

Over the last decade UK exports to European countries has reduced by nearly 10%. 

Despite this, UK exports to the rest of the world (especially to Brazil, Russia, India and China), is exponentially growing. Hence, the UK's three fastest growing export markets are outside of the EU. 

EU trade negotiations with major economies, such as Japan, India and UAE, have either been suspended or are barely moving. 

The EU has effectively become an uncompetitive trading block. Leaving would allow the UK to negotiate its own deals. 

The EU is in economic decline. Its population is ageing. 

The EU is in economic decline. It is experiencing much lower rates of population growth. 

Facts on World Economy: 

There are many thriving economies that successfully conduct trade on a bilateral basis, rather than joining the free trade zones, such as Australia, Japan and South Korea. 

With the UK being the world’s fifth biggest economy, there is no reason to assume that we could not establish similar deals (we won’t simply “collapse” if we leave). 

Facts on the Democratic Deficit: 

The European Commission is unelected! 

The European Commission is the only institution that can propose new laws – “but it is the Council together with the Parliament that adopts them”. 

There is a steady decline in turnouts for the election of all EU MEPs. The average EU turnout is now only 43.61%. The average UK turnout is just 35.60%. 

These are just a handful of hundreds of facts that support the Leave Campaign… 

As I hope you can appreciate (even if you still firmly support the Stay Campaign), there are indeed strong facts that support the Leave Campaign. Likewise, and to be clear on what I'm saying, there is indeed many facts that support the Stay Campaign… both sides have a valid argument, and that is precisely what I’m trying to convince you of in this post. Both sides have a valid case. This isn’t an easy vote to cast, and anyone who pretends otherwise is either ignorant, lying or both (this is true for both sides!). 

I’m not an expert on the EU, and I entirely appreciate that you may not share my values (we all value different things), but please make sure that the stories you’re being told have independent references. And finally, to those of you who are pretending that there are no good reasons to leave the EU. Please - Just stop. 

Anyhow, best of luck in researching BOTH sides of the argument, and whichever way you vote (if you vote), please try to be informed 

:) This vote actually does matter. 

Peace my friends! Peace 

<3 \m/



Most of the people I have on Facebook voted to remain, and that makes perfect sense considering that most people on my Facebook perfectly fit the demographics of those who voted to remain. So with that said, I don't expect much love or respect on here for what I'm about to say.

I wasn't going to post anything about the referendum today as I just don't see it as necessary... whatever the result was going to be we're all British (and European) and we were always going to work together in respect to whatever result occurred. Yet, I’ve seen too many people call the leave campaign cowards for not gloating about their victory… 

I don’t want to gloat because I actually care about you all and don’t want to disrespect you… I knew there were reasons to stay, but I concluded that overall we were better off out. A conclusion I utterly stick by. But because you’ve asked for a gloat – here it is. 

I’m damn proud of the UK! We're back to being a normal country - one that is in charge of its own laws (just like America, Australia & Norway), and one that is able to make its own relationships with the rest of the world. But most importantly, we are now able to hold those who legislate on our behalf accountable! 

Look, change is always scary, and change on this scale is always going to initially experience turmoil, but please stop perpetuating all the fear mongering crap. Some of it is true, and some of it is completely false, but what is for sure is that it’s all being over exaggerated (and, if you, like me, have Facebook friends that predominantly voted to remain, then you’re going to see a whole lot of this fear mongering… that’s just the way it is).

I respect whatever way you voted – just as I have this whole campaign. Can you please respect my vote, and appreciate that I offered more arguments than the vast majority of posts, articles and blogs on this subject.

At the end of the day, this was a victory for democracy as well as Britain... a 72% turnout is brilliant! 

Cheers my friends! 

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