My Reference Photo Library
I recently had the suggestion that I make my photo library a reward for patrons.  My current library on my computer holds something like 1000 photos if my properties look at the folder is correct.  It was shocking to me when I realized that.  But then  I remembered that every time Vicki gives me something to look up, my library grows by another 50 photos or so.  ;)

I'm hosting it on Photobucket and it is password protected.  I'm going to give access to my $5+ patrons and I will be making a post with the login information right after this post.

I haven't uploaded the entire library just yet, but there are photos of castles, rivers, cliffs, and more already there (perhaps around a 100 or so in all?).  I plan on adding another bunch every month or so.    

Here are a couple of examples of this round of uploads:

I hope these photos can be as useful a resource as they have been for me.  :)