Did you find this card somewhere in a café, yoga studio or it was send to you by a friend? Or did you get your way here through my Podcast, Instagram or just by chance? 

Anyhow- I am so delighted you are reading these lines. That means, you are very close to receive your sample of the booklet My Rhythm. 

Together with the artist Eliza Karmasalo (http://www.elizakarmasalo.com/)  I have created a booklet that initiates you into a new approach of time. Many folks are already tuned to the moon.. may it be that you are just attracted to her light, that you are aware of her cycle. 

For me, the moon is a power plug, one can charge with. In "My Rhythm" I am sharing my way of living with the moon. It is a tool, that is easy to practice, and shows results very fast. I notice in my coaching clients and myself a grown creation skill. 

Why is that so? Read for yourself. The booklet contains 8 chapters, referring to 8 different phases of the moon. It is a practise book, you will not only follow with your mind, but be offered practical rituals. 

I recommend printing the PDF, so you hold it in your hands, have it folded in your journal, or hang on your wall. The booklet suggests to be part of your daily life. 

I am 9 months pregnant, writing these lines- so when you receive your booklet, I will be in a offline retreat welcoming my baby girl. 

When I am back, I am happy to get in touch with you and see how you are practising My Rhythm. That I can follow your exploration, you may post with #moontuned . (This # is still unused ;)) 

All the best for you!!