My ridiculous approach to life.
I can't just play. Not for longer than a couple of weeks. A month, tops, before I lose interest in something. If it grabs me for more than a month, it has to be more than play. I have to make it work.What I'm saying is that while I really, really enjoy this art toy I'm playing with, I'm also waking up every day and cramming new stuff into my brain at a horrifying rate. I'm juggling learning three new programs and while I am still also working on the RevGa visual novel (slowly), I'm clearly also doing... something else.  Maybe I'm having a midlife crisis and I'm determined to make up for the art major I abandoned in college? I don't know. I don't understand what my longterm goals are, just that I'm drinking up some of this like I've spent days in the desert, while other parts are things I'm genuinely scared of, or confused and overwhelmed by, and I'm just as determined to figure them out too. I know I can, if I just keep going back again. Writing novels taught me that.  

I've attached a second picture. It's pretty cool. You can see between the above and the attachment what I've been working on the last few days. In the Daz forum, they call it 'NPR' or 'Nonphotorealism'. I'm treating my work like photography rather than 3d modeling, but I'm not very interested in creating indistinguishable-from-photography work. (At least not as more than the occasional lark. I don't really have the hardware to do it either.) I still haven't decided what look to go for with the RevGa visual novel.

Or even the rate of pictures-to-story. I am kind of thinking a lot of pictures. One thing I've always fallen down on in my novels is descriptions--creating a sense of place, or a vision of a person. I CAN write decent descriptions but somehow in the flow of a novel through my brain they never fit. This is possibly why my novels are so short compared to genre peers.... But anyhow, pictures fill that gap, don't they?

Time to go with children. I'll update with more of my work throughout the month.