Commission of Danny dressed as Malcom Reynolds of Firefly

I'm really happy with how this piece has turned out and I think it is possibly my best one to date.

I did a couple of new things with this piece which have worked out really well, and I plan on implementing in future pieces.

First one was working in 200 pixels/cm, instead of 300dpi (making the file around ~40-50% larger) - giving me a few more pixels to create finer detail.

Secondly, I changed a couple of my steps in the undercolour/base colour phase. Instead of gradienting the greyscale base to the colours and then colouring again over the top of that (essentially two steps) - I leave the grey base at 50% grey and do my colors over the top of that - only adjusting the 50% gray base for certain colours if I'm doing a particularly light or dark colour.

Essentially I'm going from a two step process to one step for most things - or a step and a half if its a particularly light/dark colour

Makes for a lot more layers because I duplicate and adjust, but it makes the process a lot quicker!!