My Sister, My Roommate Update V.14 Has Been Released!!!


This is the largest update I've ever done and, in my humble opinion, one of the best!  I left you on a bit of a cliff hanger with the last update, and we'll finally get to see how it all plays out.  This update has drama, heartache, action, and (of course) a good bit of humor to lighten the mood.  I really hope you guys enjoy the ride with this one!

Give it a try.  Let me know what you think.  And please consider contributing to it's development by becoming a Patron, if you haven't already.   Every little bit helps.  Patrons get weekly development updates, scene previews, my everlasting love, special discord roles, and more depending on the tier you subscribe to! 

So what's new in this update?  

Here's the change-log:
- Our story continues...
- How will Nikki and Taylor handle Ashley with a gun?
- The aftermath of the hostage situation, and a time jump to the trial and the end of the semester
- How will Taylor handle the verdict?
- And of course, most major events that happen will be impacted by decisions you've made within this update or the past updates.
- 330 beautifully done renders, 4 potential sexy scenes with 3 animations

Here are the links to V.14:
PC (2.5GB)
Mac (2.5GB)
Android (611MB)
Crunched PC (612MB)
Crunched Mac (597MB)

Also, all are welcome on my Discord Server to talk about the game, report any glitches, share what you want, yell at clouds, and generally talk about whatever is on your mind:

Enjoy the update!


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