My Story
So here's the deal with who I am and why I started using a Patreon account:

My Situation:

My name is Glenn I started singing and playing guitar as a hobby many years ago.  I hope to own and operate a small entertainment establishment someday soon, a cool space and a hang out for comics, artists and other muscians like myself that want to perform and gain the exposure and confidence needed to be succesful. I would display and sell artwork on the walls of my cafe and have local muscians play live acoustic music.  I wish I could spend more time laughing and working with my family and my friends while entertaing them at the same time.

The plan I have is for my daughter Brittany to help me run the company and  the bistro and help me manage most of my affairs.  Since I'd be the only employee and I wouldn't need  much more then a few tables and a couple  expresso machines for the bar with a light menu from the bakery or for a light lunch or breakfast, I thought I  could fund my expenses for a while with a little extra help from my real job and my friends. 

Now it's 2017.  I'm having a great start to the new year and I am developing an enthusiastic readership online and occasional blog.  But In the last two years, I've written my own songs and am finishing a book.  I will need to get some targeted traffic and a plan together so i can start my venue. 

 24/7 online access 

 To all my readers and listeners online, please keep checking back my page!  I'm obsessed with singing and playing music . My songs soon to be released online ! Playing with my band and singing—it's the most fun I've ever had doing anything. This music and my band should continue for a long time, in some shape or form or another.  And my dream of opening a venue or entertainment center or cafe restaurant. 

Thinking about finding a long-term self-sustaining plan , we decided we want to open a coffee shop with live music, organic food and entertainment.  A place for comics, writers and muscians to have space hang out and perform  to the public.  

1) Donations. We've received donations from generous readers ever since I put up my PayPal button. 

The way Patreon works is a reader can donate whatever they want per month and the donation is recurring each month after that. So anything, from $1/month up, is hugely helpful to the cause.