My Summer Car Multiplayer - Project Reborn

Hello everyone!

We are glad to inform you that we decided to restart the project! This time the approach on how we are going to develop the mod has changed a bit.

The main issue with making multiplayer for such a complex single player game is that mostly these games are coded the way developers assume there can only be one player. Because of that to make such a multiplayer mod and trying to fit all parts of it to work with multiple players is pretty much impossible.

So what is the new approach about. Instead of trying to fit current my summer car code to work with multiple players we decided we will start re-implementing game party by part. This may sound crazy however we feel that this is the only possible way to deliver stable online my summer car experience. We know, it sounds super crazy and recreating the whole game will take loads of time. However we have ideas on how to solve that!

Instead of making the mod and releasing it after everything from single player game will be recreated we will release slightly different mod first. The idea is that we will make the basics first which are:

• Players - you will be able to walk around and do some basic interactions.

• Vehicles - driving should be exactly the same as what you experience in current game.

All of this will be fully synchronized so you can enjoy those parts of the games. With that we will deliver official dedicated server software with modding tools to create custom gameplay elements.  

The modding tools will be released with documentation so pretty much everyone will be able to take it and try to create custom experience for multiple players.

Of course we will not leave you with just the tools, we plan to deliver some example custom elements - the one we plan to start with is racing game where you will be able to compete with your friends and drive around the My Summer Car map.

In future blog post we would like to outline what is our plan to work around frequent game updates, like what will be the player limitation, our plan about satsuma building and others.

Another important part is that we have opened official PATREON - that you are currently reading this blog post on. We know many of you were asking about some direct way to support us while creating the mod. This is of course fully optional, we will use it however as our official development blog - but don't worry - there won't be any requirement to pay for development news. All we do will still be delivered for free!

That's all we want to share in that blog post.

Stay tuned, join official mods discord if you haven't yet

Thank you for your continuous support!

MSCMP Development Team

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