My Tech Gear
**2014 13" Retina MacBook Pro:** I love this. Love, love, love. Especially now that we have access to iBooks on the Mac. Game changer for me. Plus, the computer is fast, fast, light and so reliable. The only thing I need is another screen because I have a new kitten who has taken to chewing on the corners. I did not notice this until it was too late. I'm trying not to look at the teeth marks. **2013 Retina iPad 4-128G:** I know, serious overkill, but I hate not having all of my stuff with me when I have no internet connection (eventually I will take a vacation somewhere without wifi). It is sufficient to hold all of my music and all of my books. Plus, I have a Premium Evernote account so all of that is available offline on my iPad, too. I live in the middle of a field and I need to be able to keep working and listening to Art Bergmann should I lose my wifi, which does happen occcasionally. **iPhone 5:** So cool. Sherlock has the same phone in Season 3. Black, of course. I sleep with it because I listen to podcasts and old time radio shows to fall asleep. Only downside is that I sometimes accidentally pillow/face dial people in the middle of the night. Got my brother last week. I'm working on it. This is the toughest phone I have ever had. I try not to abuse it but I drink alot and am clumsy. I don't use a case because I'm not an animal so it is dented and scuffed but still runs like a top. **ScanSnap iX500** This baby deserves a whole other post. It also is a game changer. Serious thanks to David Sparks for this one. His book "Paperless" started all this for me and he and Katie Floyd and their podcast Mac Power Users has enabled me to work faster and smarter. **Various peripherals:** * Magic Mouse * Klipsch earbuds because I am from the Walkman generation and have trouble concentrating without music flooding my head (currently Valentina Lisitsa) * Evernote Triangle Commuter Bag (everything fits in here except the iX500 scanner) That's it. All of my recipes, cookbooks, meal planning and work happen using these tools. If I haven't purchased my cookbooks in iBooks, I rip the covers off the paper ones I own and scan them into my computer with the iX500. Add to this hardware some exciting apps (Evernote, OmniFocus, BusyCal... more on these later) and all of a sudden, I am an organized little person!