My Techfestival capstone talk
When I arrived in Copenhagen Monday night and met the folks organizing Techfestival, they said a speaker for Friday night had cancelled, and might I step in? 12 minutes to talk. I had little idea what the week held, but I'm game for most anything, so I said yes. 

Great decision. It was really fun to jump out on the windy stage and have a go. By Friday evening the week's rainy weather had almost played itself out, and a break in the clouds helped me be heard. 

This whole week has been a terrific pressure cooker for my ideas on trust. Tuesday all day I ran a Trust Summit, which I'll report on more shortly. Weds I spoke to a group of Norwegian exec MBAs at the Copenhagen Business School, which was fun. Thursday and Friday was the creation of The Copenhagen Letter on Tech, which I just posted here. And last night, a long evening conversation with an Italian philosopher who believes accumulation is the pivotal sin and wants to spark a new economy that doesn't permit it. 

I'm still processing all the inputs and helpful critiques. And adding them to my Brain :)