MY 'TIME OF RUSSIA' PREDICTIONS PLAYING OUT IN FULL: Far North & Siberia Thriving, Contrary to Western Predictions!

The Time of Russia & Period 8 Predictions

Amazing news are coming in from all directions in Russia, but especially from Russia's Far North, Siberia and the Far East! Everything that's happening is a major confirmation of my Period 8 and the TIME OF RUSSIA predictions made in EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 4 (ESW4): PERIOD 8 GLOBAL PREDICTIONS! 

Read my story below, check out the cool pics and fascinating short videos I've picked for you and you'll see the whole unbelievable unfolding picture! Russia's Far North, Siberia, Chechnya and... well, Russia itself, were written off by the West so many times in the past! If I had a penny for every time I heard the doomsday predictions... The reality is exactly opposite, and at times it's mind-boggling even for people who always believed in Russia. Even for people like me... We had heard since childhood that certain things simply could not be done, not under any circumstances. Like the iconic Crimean Bridge... We learned as children that multiple attempts to build it were made, only to meet with dramatic failure as a result (remember my FT articles where I described the failed attempts made by Russian tsars, Stalin and Hitler?) 

Yet, the Crimean Bridge is not only being successfully completed, but it's thriving. Millions of vehicles have already crossed it since last year, and the new rail bridge will be finished in 2019, all despite Western sanctions.

New Crimean Bridge, the Feat of the 21st Century

But Crimea is at least quite warm, although storms, horrible currents and ice happen here too. Russia's Far North and Siberia are something else altogether, and the progress there, where most people won't dream of treading, is unbelievable. 

Two especially big and important reports from Russia's Siberian Far North!

Let's look at Russia's Far North and its natural gas rich Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Here it is on the map of Russia:

Watch these two brief, but important, video reports:

Putin Launches New Gas Field in Yamal! Energy Guaranteed For Next 110 Years AT LEAST! 

The implications of this new discovery are enormous for both Europe and Asia.

Certainly don't miss this fascinating video report:

Russia’s Far North is THRIVING, not collapsing, as was predicted by Western pundits 

This is how local nomad Nenetz tribes live:

But check out the actual video above, to see what's changing! It's worth pointing out that Russians made it a point to preserve and protect the disappearing small nomadic peoples of Siberia, and today they are thriving, living out their traditional lives and preserving their heritage, if that's what they wish. 

Some predictions and points related to this video report:

At the helm of the autonomous Yamal-Nenets Okrug, located in Siberia's Far North, is Russia's youngest governor: Dmitry Artyukhov, 30. He grew up in the Far North, but got is MBA in the tropics, to be exact, in Singapore. The Singaporean educational system has been highly regarded in Russia. Check out latest related QC report, where I talk about that: QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS! SINGAPORE: Country, Leaders, Army, Finance, Economy, Levels of Solvency & Sovereignty! With Li Quan Yew & Other BONUSES! This report is now part of the Double Anniversary Special and is available to $5+ Patrons!


Governor Artyukhov's improbably young age is entirely consistent with Pereod 8 Predictions: THIS IS THE TIME OF A YOUNG MAN, and all the good and the bad that comes with it!

In today's Russian government there are many improbably young men serving as ministers. Quite a few are in their thirties. Putin and Medvedev, when they first came to power were in their early-to-mid forties, the age traditionally considered too young for the top career in politics.

This is also consistent with the world politics: just look at Macron, Trudeau and especially the new Chancellor or Austria at only 33. 

Period 8 is also the time of the rise of the military (the time of the young man, remember?), conflicts, redefining patriotism, nationalism and sovereignty. All that is Period 8 too. 

It is also the Time of Russia and it is the time of the North-East. The North-East of our planet is actually Russia. And the North-Eastern regions of Russia are Siberia and the Far East. 

Period 8 is also the time of the natural gas, natural resources, and energy as a whole. 

While in North America the reindeer are disappearing, in Russia's Yamal-Nenets Okrug the reindeer population has miraculously doubled to 800,000, and is now bigger than the human population of the Okrug itself!

And of course, the oil and gas bonanza is what makes the region rich. 

Till recently, during cold season, which lasts most of the year, you could only get to  Yamal-Nenets Okrug by plane or water, and often it's entirely cut off from most of Russia. The new energetic governor is changing all that. He submitted proposals and enticed various large companies to help out in building new railroad and new auto roads. Not an easy feat in permafrost and at annual temperatures averaging -5.0 °C. It has only become possible with newest technologies. The region is experiencing a boom. Incidentally, the incomes and salaries are by far the highest in Russia's Far North, so people living there are very tough and resilient, but they are also loaded. 

In the above video report check out the children's daycare center built under the new governor. I have seen resorts worse than this daycare center. Video includes lots of cool moments with the native Siberian nomadic tribes, as well. And check out the nomadic joke about reindeer and money in the bank! 


Amazingly, Moscow is being pushed out of the No. 1 spot for the standard of living for two years running by the two cities outside of Russia anyone has hardly heard of. 

Moscow, Russia

And the No.1 for two years running is... a Siberian city of Tyumen, the oil and gas capital of Russia. This wouldn't be too surprising, if not for one little thing: in Tyumen, during cold seasons, which last longer than 'warm', your eyelashes will freeze when you go outside. Yet, it has been making the list of the best places to live in Russia for years, and lately, it has pushed through to the No. 1 spot. 

This is Tyumen, Siberia, Russia:

For the first time ever in 2018 Moscow was also overtaken for No. 2 spot by Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. And that is the city which lay in ruins in the 1990s, during the Chechen wars and international Islamist terrorism infiltration. 

This was Grozny during 1995 Chechen War:

This is Grozny, Chechen Autonomous Republic, Russian Federation, today:

Rebuilt from scratch, it has received a new lease on life. It's doing well, but I would still not be too hasty to think it better than Moscow in any way, except the weather and fresh local foods. 

Full report:

Tyumen (Western Siberia) and Grozny (Chechnya) Push Out Moscow as Top Places to Live 

And this is the Far East, which is also on top of the agenda, as the pinnacle of the Period 8 North East:

Vladivostok Finally Gets Recognition it Deserves! City Named Far Eastern Capital by President Putin 

Plus, check out:

Which Russian cities are the best to live in? - JAN 16 2018 report. The geography is fascinating!

Speaking of Far North, this is interesting too:

I hope you enjoyed this compilation, and our journey around Russia. I wanted to refresh your memory as to my Period 8 Predictions and the Time of Russia! Many of these episodes, I'm sure, have been an eye-opener.

Talk again soon and more goodies, including predictions, to come!


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