my top 4 finalists for the Sony 50mm lens! plus the raw files for this in camera color effect.
Firstly, just wanted to say thank you for the 50 comments left to me for the Sony 50mm lens! It was a joy to read them all (especially the funny ones) and I couldn't narrow it down to just 3 so 4 will have to do. These resonated with me the most!

I know it's disappointing to not win stuff, but I'll be doing more of these as often as I possibly can. I really like this approach to getting rid of gear I don't use like I should!

I'll be on instagram live tonight around 6pm EST to pick the winner via random number generator :)

1) Ali Naqi
I would really love to have this lens. Im 21 years old, just bought my first full frame (a7r2) with a loan from my parents. Started my own wedding photography business with a few friends, struggled for the past 2 years shooting weddings for cheap just to build a portfolio. Would absolutely love to have this lens as it’ll really lessen my expenses

2) Jeremie Dupont
Hi Sam, I'm a Nikon shooter (850 + D5 & all the great Nikon & Sigma glass + a great admirer of your dedication & advancement of the craft thus have been here from the start).  When it comes to this lens my HEART goes directly to the spirit of the holidays as this lens would be a very timely gift to my friend & business partner of mine who just made the leap to full-time filmaking.  Quitting the 9-5 & taking the leap, takes faith & tons of hard work. He's super talented & dedicated to his art which is why I would love to play santa & further encourage his journey him with this gift.  To this point he's got the entire zoom ranged covered with good quality zooms but lacks those tasty & expensive PRIME lenses.  Just like you've done for all of us here, I would love to open his eyes & creative potential with this tool.  Would be honored to have you part of the facilitation of this process.  Rock on man!

3) Dustin Baker - not sure why his comment only works on the mobile app, but here is it as a screen grab.

4) Jason Switzer

Hi, Sam! Thanks for sharing knowledge... through your workshops, through Facebook, through Patreon, and everywhere else where people can reach out to you. While I could sit here and sing your praises, I honestly don't think you put together this give-away so people could stroke your ego (doesn't seem like your style). So I'll just follow the instructions and tell you how this lens would help me (or in this case, my wife). My wife and I shoot weddings together. I purchased a Sony A9 from a super nice dude who live in the Baltimore area for her because she has a birth "defect" that led to her having a slightly smaller-than-usual right hand. To deal with this, she used to shoot a Canon 6D (smallest FF body around at the time) while I shot a 5D Mk III. She loves the A9 because the AF system blows the doors off of the AF system in the 6D. While we have a ton of  absolutely wonderful Canon L glass, we don't have much in the way of fantastic fast glass in Sony FE mount. While its true that we can adapt our Canon glass, that's really not feasible when shooting weddings (AF with adapted glass is sloooow). Since she's a 24mm/50mm girl, she would hugely benefit from the Sony/Zeiss FE 50 1.4. It's the fastest native 50mm with AF you can get AND since it's not a G Master, it actually has some decent micro-contrast (from what I've seen, G Master lenses are alright, but I have no idea why Sony doesn't engineer at least a little more "pop" into those lenses). But I digress. TL;DR: My wife loves her new Sony A9, but doesn't have great glass. If your Sony/Zeiss FE 50 1.4 found a new home attached to her A9, it would get a lot of love and would be used to make some beautiful art for our clients (probably incorporating some of the techniques we learn here on Patreon... but sadly not in-camera multiple exposure stuff because the Sony A9 can't do that. [sigh]). Anyway, whether we win or not, thanks for being a good dude, Sam. This is a really nice thing that you're doing and I (and I'm sure a bunch of other people who support you on Patreon) really appreciate it. Peace, bud.

thank you all again so so much!

also, here are the raw images for this in camera effect. shot through the colored filters as described in the post here.