My top five favourite tanks
This video is on the channel run by the Tank Museum at Bovington, not my channel, but I thought you'd like to know about it.  I am not charging you for it. The museum did the camerawork, sound, and editing, and I did the rest.

I have a copy of the footage, and in time you may see some of this reused in videos on my channel.  I shot a lot of footage at the museum over two days.

As to whether it would be right to charge you for it, that's a tricky one.  As my patrons, you presumably want to see lots of my stuff, and presumably it does not make much difference to you which channel a video appears on, and your patronage continues to make videos possible, paying for travel, equipment and the rest, regardless which channel published the result.  Anyway, for now, I'll not charge for anything that appears on a different channel.  I will soon be appearing on one or two other channels too. 

In case you are interested, the deal I struck with Bovington was that I'd do this video for them, if they gave me permission to make other videos for my channel.  Bovington paid me nothing, but it was great being able to video as much as I wanted, and see some tanks up close that most visitors got to see only from a distance.