My upcoming makeup venture! (and my newest hypnosis video)
 For those that are interested, I am putting on hold almost all special videos until I can figure out my makeup situation.  Until then, the readings will be without much obvious makeup, if any (aside from maybe mascara).  Bear with me here!  

I will be coming up with my own makeup recipes.  If you are interested in getting in on the bottom floor, please please help by joining me as a Patron here on Patreon! Depending on the level inception, I will give you a certain amount of what I create...because it's expensive to start, however, in the starting, I have plenty of supplies for tons of makeup products!   So the more help you offer me, the better my chances at being able to expand my plans and giving a good variety.  

The amount of makeup will be more than what you can get at the store or online, sans the shipping costs.  So the more you spend, the smaller the gap, the more stuff you get per dollar.    You will have the option of requesting certain items and the amount will be determined based on the level of Patreon (and how much has been spent up to that point).  Even one month of Patronage is enough to get in on this, even if I don't get the makeup shipped until some months later.  

Please note, I live in a home with cats.  I will try to make my products as allergen free as possible, and all products will be 100% vegan and sourced with organic ingredients as much as I am able.    Healthy ingredients to maintain a lovely glow.   

Is there a special lady in your life that would enjoy vegan makeup and creams? :D  Help me out, and I'll ship to you the best products for her (and even wrap it up pretty!).  

I had the option of creating a separate Patreon for this, however, I think it's only fair to just mesh these together.  You will get all the normal inception level benefits, just remember to notify me that you are joining as my Patron to help out with my makeup venture.    

Once I have recipes figured out, I will start an etsy shop for it.  ^_^    I'm really excited about this! Help me out on this journey.  I can't do this alone.  And without this change, I'm a rashy mess.     

In the meantime, check out my most recent hypnosis video!