My Way, an open source stick for blind people w/ENG sub
It's called My Way and is a stick for blind people, technology developed and presented by the students of Catanzaro IPSIA Ferraris at Maker Faire 2014, held in Rome. My way has many features that would help significantly the blind people to move in urban areas and not, in fact behind this technological jewel there is the Arduino open source electronic board (made in Italy). The operation is as follows: on a side of My Way are fixed infrared sensors, calibrated by students to send a pulse when any obstacle is approaching within a radius of 30-40 cm at the bottom of the stick, the pulse is sent to Arduino which generate a vibration, increasing in the case in which an object approaches, to facilitate gripping by the blind people has been made the handle of My Way ergonomic and with a central groove on handle that indicates which side of the stick are positioned sensors and the on/off switch, also toward the bottom of the stick there is a strip LED that lights up and indicates the position of the owner to vehicles, combined with a reflector strip that increases even more security. We interviewed the student Mattias Rocca, which is part of the implementation team of My Way "This is the electronic stick for the blind, in this area there are 3 infrared sensors: 2 transmitting and 1 receiving. We've set 30-40 cm before it reaches the obstacle, which sends a pulse in this area where there is a programmable Arduino board, nano series, programmable in C. There comes a pulse in this area where the vibration takes, then allows a blind person near of an obstacle to notice thanks to the vibration, closest to an obstacle and the greater is the vibration. Then we applied this stip of LED that serves at night and also this band reflector to get noticed. In this area there is a 9-volt battery that powers the entire circuit, however this handle has been created with a CNC, we made this channel so that the blind people notice which side the sensor is positioned to avoid the obstacle."