My word for 2016 – Connect

For 2016 I have a new word. Connect.

This is terrifying and hard if I let myself think about it in any big sense whatsoever. So I don’t. Instead I have focused on the small level, which is in fact how connecting with other people works anyway. It’s about a thousand small moments that add up to a relationship.

For January I’m doing what feels like the obvious to me. I am making a point to do more substantial posts on social media and on my blog. I’m answering every comment. I’m also periodically making comments on other people’s posts.

Here’s the other one. I’ve added new people to my connections. Typically when I do something like this I’ll add someone and then a few days/weeks/months later I drop them again as the novelty wanes but there are dear friends that I did this with fifteen years ago on live journal and mailing lists that I’m still friends with today.

The other thing I’ve done is I’ve made a point of asking for help on my projects. Critique is amazing and powerful at the right stages of a project and I’ve fallen way out of the habit. Largely this was because I wasn’t working on projects that I wanted critique or collaboration on. Recent events have made me more and more aware of my impact and influence on the people around me.

I’m interested to see where this takes me in the long term. I have learned from past experience that what I think of a word and an idea at the start is very different by the end, and often times deeply uncomfortable in the middle.

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