Wanted to share my current workstation. it has been evolving for the last 3 years to the beast you see now. I was lucky enough to enter into graphic design contest and won that Laptop. it has sustained me for the past 3 years and for that I'm eternally grateful. next to it you see the Yiynova MSP19U graphic digitizer, its the cheap alternative to wacom cintiq's line and for the year that i owned it has been amazing. the monitor color accuracy leaves something to be desire but the pressure sensitivity totally makes up for it and lastly , what is in my opinion any digital artist best friend, the Razor Nostromo. if i had to pick one thing has help me in comfort and speed its this. however its rather expensive at $70. a cheaper alternative which i used to use was an Xbox 360 controller and program it using Xpadder. also note that i use a glove to work on my yiynova , highly recommended when working on any screen digitizer. they do sell some more "professional" level ones, but a bought some cheap ones at my local thrift shop and just cut them up, it does the job right. As for my programs: Paint Tool Sai is my weapon of choice, its simple and lightweight and never crashes. also use Photoshop for edits and lettering. if you have any questions feel free to ask and ill answer it to the best of my abilities cheers
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