Myers-Briggs Titles & Careers Chart, Organized by Relevance to Functional Stack

I made this chart to illustrate how the titles and careers associated with each of the sixteen types relates to their functional stack. I did this for several reasons:

  • Often the introverted types are given career suggestions according to their first extroverted function, which is their auxiliary.
  • As people mature, they integrate more of their cognitive functions, meaning that they are more likely to enjoy tasks that include their full stack. However, using your full stack makes you more dynamic – more capable of doing virtually anything that interests you and doing it well.
  • Often people's ideal career utilizes their dominant (1st) and auxiliary (2nd) functions on a continuous basis where their hobbies and other interests stem from their tertiary (3rd) and inferior (4th) functions.
  • Usually charts organize people by their four letter code (like putting all the introverts together and all the extroverts together). I wanted to think more about how the cognitive functions were related when organizing this chart. (INFP and ISFP both lead with Fi and they are above/below one another in this chart. Fi goes from dominant in the first two squares of the first column, to be auxiliary in the next column, etc.) If you imagine this chart as being cylindrical, the bottom row goes right above the top row (or the top row goes right below the last row), putting ISTJ and ISFJ together who lead with Si.
  • Charts that display percentages often neglect to show the gender bias, which is quite important. While being an INFJ may be rare as a type, being an INFJ female is actually less rare than being an INTJ female (like my Mom).

Personal note: I started making this chart while my bout of tendinitis was so bad that I had to have Lytenian move things around on the screen for me while I directed. I continued work with my left hand for a few days, always doing less than I actually wanted to do. I'm pleased to finally have this first MB chart done and looking forward to making more as I learn more.

Lytenian: INFP

Greg: ENTP

My Dad: ENTP (same as Greg)



My best friends: INFJ, INFJ, INFJ, ISFJ, and INFP

PS: If you wish to re-post my chart somewhere, please ensure you link back to this page and/or my website, Thanks.

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