The Myopic Forest
If you see what's closer sharper, like me, then your wander under branches should always feel a little more mysterious out-of-focus. The next bend in the path will whisper to your imagination, shout out if you listen closer. There's a cry calling out on your way to anywhere, in the childhood joy that you've been burrowing away. I know that there's so much to get done, and when any free time comes along, you're only too eager to fill it with brand new busyness. But how about a little nothing for a change, just a short walk before dark, no big plans or long drives. For all the evenings that I've got no time to go, I stay closer to home. I look at a different level, wander another way, learn every inch of a ten minute walk in any direction. I hope you leave time for your little adventures.

June 15, 2017
Beaconsfield, Nova Scotia