Myr'gemush, the Master of Death
It's been said that the mere utterance of his name can invoke a deathly stroke of bad luck. It is he who walks the realm of the dead, ferrying the souls of the deceased to the nether in order to be weighed for a true afterlife.  And while his presence is often feared, unwanted, and disliked... he is an inevitable truth, a necessary element of Arkelos. For without death, there would be no end to life and Arkelos would truly collapse on itself. The populations would never cease,  and vanquished evil would never perish.

He is Myr'gemush (Mee-ear-geh-moosh), his name literally translating to 'ender of life'.  He holds his title as Master of Death, and one of six lords of the elements, his being that of darkness and void. Unlike the other elemental deities, Myr'gemush is never seen in the realm of the living. Whether that is his own choice, or it is simply impossible is still unknown.  Rumor has it that his presence alone decays and destroys all around him, absorbing the energies in all things until there is nothing left. Because of this, he refrains from entering the realm of the living for even he respects life for what it is, and would not wish to disturb the natural order of things. If life on Arkelos ended too quickly, there would be more death than life and eventually no life at all. Without life, there is no cycle and the world would simply end.  

Now, it is not unknown that the elemental lords are consorts to their opposing elements, such as wind with earth and water with fire. It is logical to believe that Yuna is consort to Myr'gemush, but there is still no evidence of this. Still, rumors speak that the children of Yuna, the Ilasien, are only immortal because Myr'gemush forbids to kill the children of his lover.

While the Master of Death is not inherently evil, many who claim to have ventured back from the realm of the dead claim that Myr'gemush harbors a certain malicious personality, and is often eccentric, maniacal, and unstable. He often speaks in riddles. Myr'gemush is also the patron deity to necromancers, dark artists, and spirit artists, who walk the fine line of life and death in order to manifest their magic. Whether or not Myr'gemush authorizes the use of death is still unknown. 

Not much is known of Myr'gemush. Unlike the other elemental lords, he does not speak with them and simply carries out his duty as he was told. The others simply trust him to continue his work, and respect him as a fellow deity of Arkelos.

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