Myself and the late, great Richard Thompson, creator of Cul de Sac R.I.P.

Hi Keith,

My son, who is 11, and I were watching a documentary about Calvin and Hobbes the other night, and we saw you on it! He was so surprised that I knew someone in a movie. Anyway, seeing your reminded me of meeting you in college. I came from a family that made racist jokes a lot. Unfortunately, some of my family members still have racist feelings and they are no longer welcome in my home. But back then, I never really thought much about it (I am horrified to think of it now). One day, I was sitting next to you, and I repeated a joke that I had heard at a family gathering. You called me on it, but in a way that was deeply understanding, intelligent, and made me very much suddenly aware of how terrible things like that are. That one moment made me a better person, and I always meant to thank you and never knew how. So thank you. You could have responded with anger. You could have shamed me. And you would have been right. But you were mature and insightful enough even back then to respond in a way that made the world a little bit of a better place.

Thanks again.