Mysterio Cold Read-Through
Every month, Nashville Story Garden hosts a group called Greenhouse where writers bring  scripts-in-progress and actors show up to cold-read and give their all. 

This is the room where our podcast got it's legs! 

Tonight I brought in a fresh draft of a new episode (Season 2 Episode 2) that probably won't drop until late this Summer. But we got to hear it read tonight by 6 incredible actors (all of whom have played roles in season one.)

Tonight we had (left to right) Aaron Munoz (Mysterio), Karen Sternberg (Candace), Lauren Berst (Antioch), Andy Kanies (Mesmer), Colin McCann (Ronnie), and Chris Bosen (Carl Schlein, and The Admiral)

Just to mix things up, nobody was reading their usual role tonight. Who knows what strange new characters may arise by season 2?

But for now, we've got Season 1 Episode 8 hitting your podcast-machine next week. Thanks for downloading!

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