Mysterion is coming July 29th!
In another week, we'll be delivering Mysterion to our patrons and ending this campaign. Now is the time to check that your payment and address information are up to date, and that you're signed up for the reward you wanted.  You should also tell any of your friends who may want a copy of Mysterion to support us by 11:59 pm Eastern on Thursday, July 28th. After that, anyone who wants the book will need to order it from one of the online stores. (We should have pre-orders available through Amazon by the time this campaign ends, but only for the e-book.) However, they'll have to wait a month until we deliver it through those channels, and they'll be paying full price.


If you're wondering what you'll get in the anthology, we are publishing excerpts from each story on the website. We're about halfway through so far.

And if you get the paperback, you'll get . . .

The Full Wrap-around Cover

We now have the full cover flat, which we'll be using for the paperback.