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Mystery Science Theater 3000 theme song!
Hello Patrons! This won't go public for a couple days (so keep it hush!) but we have covered the MST3K theme! The new show is great—if you haven't seen it yet, it's on Netflix, and the first episode features an amazing Cryptozoology rap written by our friends Paul & Storm (I made Aubrey sing it  and filmed it, because I am a good sister.) I used to watch this show as a kid and would not understand any of the references AT ALL, but I loved it. It was charming, approachable, and delightful. And we love the Mads so much.

We thought this would be a good time to cover the theme song from this show, and, of course, our cat keyboard Max got in on the action. Hope you enjoy!! 

The amazing backgrounds and Satellite of Love art is by Jade Gordon, who has a Patreon page too !

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