Mystic Searches on The Goldbergs TOMORROW
Hey everyone, I have some pretty big news: In just a little over 25 hours the next episode of The Goldbergs is airing on ABC, and "the New 8-bit Heroes" project Mystic Searches will get what I am told to be a reasonably prominent display on the show. Why is this a big deal? Because I'm the one that will eventually be converting all of composer Jessey Foster's orchestral work on the project to NES to go in the actual game. Really exciting! So tomorrow night at 8.30pm Eastern US time, pop on ABC to support The Goldbergs (which if you haven't seen it, is an amazing TV show about the 80s) and Mystic Searches! Oh....the video? That's a slightly dramatized version of the story of what happened before Joe had to give the game to Adam Goldberg for the show.... also it totally nails how passionate us "8-bit creators" are in bringing you an authentic experience.