The Myth of Early Christian History
'Tis the season for a lot of legendry, so this seemed like an appropriate show to bring back permanently. Either way, I know it will bring you light in these short days. Thank as always for your support and hope your divine spark is shining stronger than ever during Xmas! Direct Audio: Direct Download: Besides the eventual eradication of the Gnostics and other alternative Christianities, much of the history of Orthodox Christianity is built on fabricated history and reasoning. Centuries of Christian Apologetics have been conjured to defend a carnival of pious fiction. In order to understand the Gnostics, it is essential to expose the fables, mistakes and outright deceptions Literalist Christianity has fed humanity as fact for almost two thousand years. Not only do we bring our usual scalpels, this time we also have a sledgehammer. Astral Guest– Ken Humphreys, author of Jesus Never Existed