Mythical Creature poem 1 for July: Troll
I'm sorry for the lateness. Seven days late is quite irritating to me, but I finally got to sit down to write.


Teresa Garcia

July 7 2016

What do you think of the Troll?

Is he a scary creature beneath the bridge

Waiting to eat a fat young kid

Biding his time

His time

Biding this time

For when someone crosses the line?

Is he possessed of a nose long, droll?

Dwelling in mountainous caves away, away

Keeping from man his treasure

Beneath the lime

Counting crime

Hoping to dine

On roast goat or child alpine

Perhaps he dwells in a hole

Just there below the knobby knoll

Carving a cane from a pole

Engraving runic rhyme

A sacred vine

A ring divine

Of power that shines

Is he a rock, living, breathing, whole

Striding and strong with wit sharp and keen

Or is he more like cattle that lows

Shuffling from here to there

Meaty hands without care

Crushing fist and stare

Do you fall, or do you dare?

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