(Print-friendly prompt list is attached as a download)

After tomorrow it's October, also known as #Inktober! And I am participating in this fun (and exhausting) drawing challenge!

This year I'm using my own list with mythical creatures (#mythicalinktober)

My goal is to make:

  • 2 drawing for the $50 tier gold foil illustrations (Sept + Oct)
  • 20 drawings for an original card deck (black & white with a gold gilted edge)
  • 2 drawings for enamel pin designs
  • Re-using a small selection of my best drawings for a physical coloring book,
  • and at least 1 drawing will be (water)colored for the monthly wallpaper.

My goals for this month are very ambitious! And I may not complete all 31 inktober drawings, as I will of course also work on the playing cards (Jack, Illidan & Queen, Alleria + 8/9/10 of Diamonds) and at least 1 video tutorial.

If anyone has any suggestions or requests for a tutorial that ties into this month's (mythical) theme, I'd love to hear!

All my #inktober related posts will be tagged #mythicalinktober here and on Twitter.

There's a list of artists who will be participating using the same prompts, which you can find here. Link your twitter in a comment below if you are participating in #mythicalinktober, to be added to the list!