Mythicist Milwaukee podcast interview
Last Sunday, it was my pleasure to chat with the folks at Mythicist Milwaukee on their weekly podcast. Spoke with host Rob Moore and co-host Brian Edward about some of my experiences in religion, why I started my channel, etc. Along with the rest of the team — Sean, Antonio and videographer Adam — Rob and Brian do a fantastic job and time simply whistled by in their delightful company. 

Besides podcast interviews with the likes of Michael Shermer and Lawrence Krauss, they also run other great projects including their hilarious 'Holy Shit!' top tens series with Father Jozef, exploring the weirdest, dankest nooks of the christian Bible. 

Brilliant bunch of chaps — both front-of-house and behind the scenes. If you have a moment, I recommend dropping by their channel.

The Mythicist Milwaukee channel is at:

The YouTube URL for last Sunday's podcast is /watch?v=2sO6I8ulgLo



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