Mythomen Work in progress

I'm back from the Annecy festival, which was sooo great!
We've met a lot of people, we ate tons of cheese and we drank gallons of beer :)


I'm very pleased to show you these two and a half minutes of Mythomen, the feature film I've been working on so hard before the festival, directed by Sebastien Périer and co-produced by my cooperative Rainbox.

This is some kind of proof of concept, a way to show to other co-producers, distributors, etc. that we can animate a feature film in After Effects, with a very low budget and Duik.

I'm sorry it's only in French for now, but you may enjoy the images anyway ;)

I'll post more about this soon, sharing our process and even sharing the project files I've been working on, as I already started to do a few weeks ago, with you, invaluable supporters!


On a side note, you can expect some news about Duik very, very soon! Duik Bassel is finished (unless you find more nasty bugs I'll have to fix), I'm going to share a last private version with all our supporters, and I'm also going to announce a public release date, very soon ;)

Exciting times are coming!