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N-Word Alternatives
This cartoon is lampooning two things I've seen right-wingers do: First, claim that it's racist that Black people but not white people can "get away" with saying the N-word. And second, look for (or invent) alternative racial slurs that they can say while remaining respectable.

Artwise, this cartoon is definitely on the "do minimal penciling, try to keep the drawings loose and lively" end of my scale. (As opposed to a cartoon like "Helping Ordinary Americans," where almost every line, except for some of the shading, was penciled out before I did the final black linework.) 

I honestly like the loose approach better, when it works well - I can't think of a single cartoonist whose work gives me more joy to look at than Bill Watterson's (Calvin and Hobbes). I'm no Bill Watterson, obviously, but I try. :-)  But doing a loose approach feels, to me, like working without a net. If I do careful, detailed renderings, I'm less likely to be surprised, either in a good or a bad way. (And some cartoons I just think need to be more detailed, of course.)

More about the art that probably no one but me cares about: I like the look of having no word balloons in political cartoons. (Maybe it's because I grew up on Doonesbury.) But I also like full backgrounds, and the Doonesbury approach of just having the backgrounds cut off and turn to white always strikes me as a bit clutzy looking.  So here I tried having a full background, but doing it in light enough colors so the text could go directly on top of it and still be legible. What do you think? If you hate this look, let me know and I'll be less likely to do it again. :-)

As always, thank you Patreons for making it possible for me to do this. A cartoon like this one has, frankly, no commercial possibilities at all; it has no hook to a current news story, and nine panels is more than most outlets want to print. (4-6 seems like the golden zone.) But thanks to you, I can draw this cartoon, and put it on the web where thousands of readers will see it. It means the world to me.

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