Nac Mac Feegles on the ride
what say you.

It's not ready yet. 

What's up here? I broke my phone, my dear great wonderful sony xperia z1 compact.  I do not know how or when I did it... but it happened quite bad time. I need the phone for my way-to-much- socialmedia stuff. I need it to shoot videos of me working.. I need it to call people and get calls from people. I'm waiting for information that do I get in school/course that is about half a year long.. it should hopefully help me to get forward with my dreams to get my own studio and start a ceramic business. 

In Finland should still be winter... but today .. we had just lot's of water pouring from sky.. I had to visit in the city to see socialworker who's helping me to see is there any "help" i could get from government and honestly.. it felt like I had to swim trough roads. 

and my back.. it hates cold and wet.. so I had to take my painkiller... I don't usually take em.. but the pain was so hard this time that I had to.. now.. I feel sick.. the painkiller make's my head dizzy and overall.. well.. it take's the pain away but feeling so bad that hardly can make any art.