Naive instinct as force of inspiration
Everyones very first lesson in life is a significant childhood memory. That first lesson really is a definition of learning. I am not talking about knowledge transfer. I am talking about personal lessons, real lessons. I am talking about lessons you've learned alone. Lessons each soul learns but which everyone learns on their own pace. And everyone saw those kind of lessons first trough their child eyes, felt it, went trough it. I think that the best way to learn anything, is like our first experience with learning. Because to learn something, I think you have to look at its newness like a child. In the beginning untouched by opinions, without judgement. Like a child interested, intrigued, entertained and sometimes moved by it, desiring in the beginning but ultimately satisfied. This road reveals the deepest meaning, it gives the most fulfillment and is as it happens to be, the most efficient. For me, thinking about this, instantly gave me clear thoughts about the tree of Eden. I think it's all about meeting every experience, without knowledge about good or evil, without fear and judgement. Like a child! And if you don't, life is no picknick in paradise. I see now that the most fun lessons I had, those of which I have the best memories and learned the most, were those moments I was learning like a child. 

This is a dilemma. A dilemma because of how we grow old. How older we get, the more we learn to not act like a child. If only because of the seriously harsh reality out there. In that, no childish naivety is welcome. But then I look around me and see all the fun stuff people are doing, how they interact with new stuff, just doing exactly that... Enjoying naively from new experiences and collisions with new people. Thought up, found, met or browsed. Ranged under names like hobby, sport or leisure. And then I rejoice, because for a moment there I am awake for the wonder of everyday life wherein we mostly do exactly what we are meant to do. What fulfills us. Engaging in new lessons and new experiences, and by doing so, enjoying and gathering wisdom on our own pace. Enjoying what is rightfully coming our way. 

It is just such a shame that today we look like greedy children. History might remember us that way. It looks like we are hooked on entertainment, not getting what we want will make us mad. Like we all are not experiencing and learning, sweating and bleeding to do things so we at least have some time for ourselves and some resources to do what fulfills us really. Most of us do. Like we don't make sacrifices. Like this hasn't any deep spiritual meaning. The road to happiness is long and heavy, but we keep on because we enjoy it so much. Searching for our interests, the wishing and dreaming, to get in touch with what we think we need in our life. This is what it's all about. The meaning of life is finding your meaning in life and live it. Some big guy once taught to follow no leader, except your own. This is what we want. Our spirit is very capable defining what we really need. That's evolution. We are at it for a very long while. 

We do what we are born to do, why we rest, why we eat, why we meet problems head on. To chase our destiny and to learn. Our own interests, our own hardships. Learning is what we all do, next to each other, with each other, but still alone. 

Summarized, we have arrived at the top, of what our ancestors had in mind for us. Rights and freedoms to not let us be snowed in by what others want from us. Time and possibilities for busyness you wish for and you dream about. Our ancestors must have known that only then, all people can live in real peace together. Only then we have a real ability to give. Then we give from our hearts. That's where we need to be, close to our heart. Naïvely taking it in without any restraints.