A naked performance of a brand new song, about emptiness and other things
An explanation about the nudity: I happened to be naked when I was writing the song and was impatient to record it, so didn't quite take the time to put clothes on...hence the video you see above, hehe. Hope it's ok for me to share it just as it is!

Many of you heard this a few days ago, when I shared an 'unfinished version'. Well, I realised I actually really like it and feel that it's close enough to finished to share it just as it is, so here ya go!

The song is still untitled, so if anyone wants to chime in with song names, please go ahead. I've been thinking of: Emptiness, Space Between, Miss The Point, Holy, Lonely Leader. What ya reckon?


I was a leader who was lonely

Though all my people gathered 'round me

Now that I'm holding on to nothing

I'm tangible or so it seems


You hear the sound but not my voice

You know my words but miss the point

See all I am is emptiness

Space between and nothing less

So let it go and we can see what happens next

This is the season to get holy

Take every inch take what you need

Cos everybody's trying to know me

Freedom lies beyond belief


Well learn it now it's not too late

The sign is not the destination

One road love, the other hate

You are wise so I will meet you through the gate


What's the song about (skip if you wanna form your own opinion)?

Some of you picked up the elements talking about religions, where people mistake the messenger for the message. People get so hooked on their name for the Divine, or the prophet sharing the message, that they have to make everyone else wrong to keep believing in it/him/her. 

The Friend is beyond names, beyond religions, beyond imagination. The Divine spirit, enlightenment, these things can only be experienced directly by each individual in the way which works for that individual. At least, that is my opinion :). 

I also feel this song comes from the place in me which feels empty in a negative grasping way, and tries to fill it with peoples' attention and praise. But the truth is that true self-worth comes from within. The more clear I become, the more I can learn to love myself, the more Empty (in an expanded, positive sense) I become of all that is not me. I become a vessel for my spirit to explore this mysterious world with curiosity and love. 

Anyway, I'm rambling, but those are some of the things I was thinking of and feeling deeply when writing this song.

My dear, dear patrons, thank you for your ongoing kindness and support. Also, thank you for being willing to hold the mirror up to me when I step out of integrity. really appreciate the message I had recently from one of you reminding me of where I get obsessed with numbers, money, etc. That comes from a place of fear, the fear of scarcity, of lack, of abandonment. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful, to be humble, to be appreciative of the abundance in my life all around me. Thank you for it all, all of you who shine your light into my world.