Name the addon!

The hardest part is to name things,  so why not ask the beloved community about it?
RfidResearchGroup has with proxgrind's magic hands made a new bluetooth, battery addon for the Proxmark3 RDV4.   It uses the FPC connector to enable the Proxmark3 to get a serial over bluetooth to set it free from usb cables.   Think in terms of letting your android phone communicate with your device.   Your Proxmark3 RDV4 will become a very sneaky device.

No more large usb batterys and y-cables.  No more raspberry pi + proxmark3 + battery,  No more bringing a laptop to the front gate when you are trying to do a simulation reader attack.

So what shall we call this device?  Just add you suggestions because we don't have any good ones yet.

Feel the love!

The shark

The enabler

The dagger

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