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Dear Patrons,

I want to start off by making it clear that I'm not asking you to give more money.  You folks have done so much for me. 

Having said that, I noticed my monthly income has been creeping downward for the last 6 months or so. It really started dropping when I began working with the Escapist again. I'm not sure why. Maybe people figure I need the money less if I'm making money from the Escapist. Maybe people just haven't been happy with the content. Maybe it's a total coincidence.

Still, the downward trend is steady and I feel like I need to do something different. I've put my Escapist work on hiatus until I can get things sorted out. As always, the blog is the priority and I've always considered the Escapist to be the side-job. 

My next idea is to make some video content that ALSO works as an article. That way we'll still get our Tuesday opinion piece, but I can also be reaching out to new followers.

My son Issac will be handling the editing duties, so even if the video is a bust it's still a great way for him to pick up some useful skills.

As part of this, I've added a benefit tier for anyone who'd like to have their name appear in the credits at the end of the video. This is an OPT IN feature, so I don't want you to worry that you're suddenly going to have your name appearing somewhere. More than half of you use what look to be real names, and I don't want to reveal those without express consent.

Coming soon:

The Spider-Man series is going to end on August 15. After that, I'm going to be doing a series of programming posts.

Thanks for reading!

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