Nami "Aqua Knight" concept art
So you've probably seen this sketch from my ig videos lately since I've been noodling on it here and there on my lunch breaks for about 3 days. Although I don't really play many video games at all I do allow myself to play one a couple times a week for about an hour each time and this character is one of my favorites to play as in League of Legends. In the creators of it have a clever feature where a player can purchase a new "skin" for their character and basically make them look totally different. I thought I'd try my hand at creating a look for Nami and this is what I cooked up. Basically the logic behind her costume is tidal waves. I wanted as much circular, looping, curved edge, roundness as I could add into the composition to play up the ebb and flow aspect of water. In the game she controls the seas basically so it suits her character pretty well in that regard. I also added an actual item from the game as a piece in her helmet... that blue water drop. I thought it was pretty clever lol. TIPS: For making chrome! I always lay down a solid, light light light tone first as a base, then add darker spots of that same color in random spots (leave spaces of the first color showing through though). Then plan a few spots where the light would be brightest and thats where you'll want transition quickly from that light base color to black or to white. Rapid contrast is the key to pulling of shine. Chrome and other surfaces like it take a lot of practice, I'm no master at it myself but I do understand the overall concept. Save your white pen or paint for the very hottest (whitest) area of the chrome where the light source is blazing bright. By doing that (saving the white) you'll keep a easy way to punch up the chrome look by adding white sparingly to areas. Don't add TOO much white though or the effect will die out and there will be no brightest area. :] #Sketchbooks #LeagueofLegends #Nami #RiotGames #MatthewSutton