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NanNight Novel DEMO: Chapter I &II
Chapter I

In a universe world a layer of light glow in the out zone.
There was an electrical Plant called, “ShockLight”, an electrical planet with the powers. Untill a few days till night, the energy begins to powered out by the straingest destruction, and this time a man who can takes the odysee. “Neon Controll. The life of the periodic element that.”

And so in the night, Glo waltz tourgh to the colony maps and “My shocked is the Pef-Jui’s energy; that place is out of life”, Glo downward.
“Mir-Uyi and Gte-Yop still in progress. And I thought everything gone dying, but that middle of the time Blo-Knit starting to drain.”
There was a motor sound revving behind Glo, he see the light flowing around from other. When he peeps the window a huge flying object landing down in hover; as the planks lower down couple of swarms marched towards, in guard these sockets.
“Reach in”, The major commands.
Six of the cords lowering down to the electrical socket.
“I should think what are they doing, but I’m not sure we need a operator. So I leave them be.”

“When I seen the world map… Our core is taken”, Glo know when he shocked!
His note pad fell to the steel ground, a sound of a wave effects those suckers. They’ve been spied by a restorer until then those power suckers were on a command to take a living lives out of Glo.

In the meantime: this moment gets very intense.
“I should know’ll they’re the ones. Am I’m the only who know it all? It’s seem I have to report this, all of it. No time to explain, but I better start!”

Chapter II
Charge up the light

Glo and the professor walked trial in tour; so they him to suit it up.
Until before, he must completed his guides. In meantime: these test are the technique skills when some of he’s getting use to.
“Your test is there”, says the Professor. “These paths can lead you the way to begin your training, but stay put those traps are around you somewhere in one locate, if you get pass through those, we’ll granted you to suit you.”
“Is there any beginner for these”, Glo asked?
“There is”, Professor response.
“But you may choose each of the path, aim, defense, or unite.”

Glo look all path of his class.
As his own steps, he have chose; aim. As he moved, he head all the way down to the beginner room, Glo has arrived. The room was dark and now a spotlight turned on, it was a rod, but what is it for? The answer to this: Target practice.
“Glo, by using the rod you found is the hand of your aim. Use is as a impossible weapon, one switch can activate the danger pole that can cut through; and the trigger allows you to shoot, now there’s some target you can need and also the blade too”, messaged the Professor.

“Alright, now; each sides in different ways, but where does it lead-?”
Glo pulled the trigger the beam struck out and bash the target, now Glo figured how to use it, and then he shoot many target in rooms after he get use to shooting, he begins to setup to blade mode, slashing the barrels, cut up the planks stinging electricity stick.

Glo is now ready, on to the avoiding sector.

NanNight Novel coming soon in full scriptures.