Nano-control v0.17d public release and news!

Hey all, have some fun news this week and some of them I think you would love (hopefully)! 

First of all, Jikage Rising will be released for Patrons today! I'm not entirely happy with the way it looks right now, and there needs to be more polishing, at least that's what I feel at least. 

Second will be the tiers for Patrons might be adjusted slightly, for example, Jikage Rising will be available to Level 3 and above patrons 2 weeks before release, and 1 week before public release for Level 1 and above patrons. This mostly due to the high cost of production for the game, but it will not go into effect until the game has reached a standard that I am happy with! However, rest assured the Patron release for Nano will not be affected!

Third would be another fun one haha, some of you have requested for more lore for Nano-control, and since not everything can be covered by the game, I decided to try something a bit different from the norm for it- comic strips! You guys can take a look here and let me know what you think yeah! We even have some variants for level 3 Patrons! So hope you all enjoy it!  The comic can be found here! 

Fourth and final piece of info would be our poll for the new outfits! There's only a day left on it so hurry over and vote foe which outfit you want to have in the game for the girls if you haven't already yet! The poll can be found here! 

And with that, here you go! The public release for Nano-control! Hope you all enjoy it! 

Change log for v0.17d:

 1)Kay's mind room 1
2)Jace's mind room 1
3)Jace and Kay's threeome
4) Outfit system upgrade
5)Elaine's mind room 1 rework
6)Lena's mind room 1 rework
7)Rika's public use scene
8)A lot of bug fixes 






As per usual, let me know if there are any bugs yeah!

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