NaNoWriMo April Day 4!
Hope you lovely people are doing well! Awesome face-shot of Tyir, made for me by my wonderful friend Jen Brown! <3 

Well, It's been a bit slower then earlier, but so far I'm about 6,000 words in, about half of which on rewriting The Aegis Mora. I hope I can finish a much better draft of it by the end of 2017! 

Going to leave with you a little more stuff today: 

“Lost for words, my student?” Yeomander was an old man, easily the eldest in the Foundation’s generation. Four hundred and forty years counted, he still bore the strength and vigour he had possessed since his youth. His usually fierce and no-nonsense exterior had cracked, leaving a jubilant, boyish excitement on his face. “Believe me, I was lost too, but when the opportunity arose. . .how could I refuse?” 

Berci gaped at the poison, bubbling and boiling inside the powerful protection surrounding it. “Grandmaster. How could this happen?” He licked his lips, only realising now how dry his mouth was. “You know the laws around this thing!” The shrill accusation burst out of his lips, but he could not stop himself. He could feel himself shaking from head to toe. The Foundation was forbidden by both Valian and Syndicate law to open any of the Treunark spheres. All those which had survived the legendary Ordain were kept under tight security by the Valian masters.

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