NaNoWriMo Day 1
So it begins...

Actually, before it begins, here's where things stood as of yesterday.

NaNoWriMo Goal: Complete Burning Sky
Pre-NaNo Word Count: 45,826

I'm up to Chapter 11 and think I'm roughly halfway, judging by previous word counts and chapters. This is not set in stone, though, because although I have a rough chapter plan written down it also contains such gems as:

Something, something, something... Oh my word! It's [redacted]!

Which is the big reveal moment. So... yeah. Detailed plotting is not my strong suit.



Indoor plumbing had long been one of her favourite aspects of travelling through the Dragonlands, but the Sunlords had elevated it to a new level. Ready-heated water at the wave of a hand. Dragons truly were miraculous creatures.
Nera, Burning Sky Chapter 12

Word Count: 4447
NaNo Total: 4447 words
Book Total: 50,273 words

The joys of dragon plumbing. Who knew? But yay, NaNo Day 1 and I'm already over 50K. I win! XD

How's it going with all the non-cheaters out there? Well, I hope.