NaNoWriMo Day 13
Yes, I know, it's actually Day 14, but I forgot to do this yesterday and today isn't nearly over yet so I may get a chance to write something later.

For now...


“You’re cracked. He’s cracked. I’m cracked!”
Lahera, Thief’s Gamble Chapter 2

Day Total: 4081 words
NaNo Total: 48,816 words
Book Total: 6254 words

New Book continues at a steady pace. It seems fairly normal novella behaviour for me now to have lots of short punchy chapters, which is why I'm up to Chapter Five in only 6,000 words. Normally that's about one and a half.

Ah well, it's proving fun so far. I adore Lahera. She's completely different to any other miryhl I've ever written and I love her (she's a troublemaker and she swears XD). I'm liking Keo as well, but she's been pretty quiet so far. I think the next chapter will finally bring out her true self and make me love her too. Can't wait.

Welcome to the end of Week Two, fellow NaNoers. I hope your own challenges are going well.

Merry Wednesday, all!