NaNoWriMo Day 19
Guess who fell off the NaNo Update Wagon? Oops. Fortunately (for me anyway) I have still been writing. I just keep forgetting to come over here and mention it.

Not to worry, I have all the updates here for you now! (I know, I know, but do try to contain your excitement.)

Er. Okay. Well, anyway...



It was an expression Lahera hadn’t seen in a while. She hadn’t realised how much she’d missed it until she saw it again, half-lit by fire, half-lit by lightning. That was her human, mischievous and confident. A thief to her bones.
Lahera, Thief’s Gamble Chapter 6

Day Total: 5435 words
NaNo Total: 54,251 words
Book Total: 11,689 words

Yay, I made it to 50K by the halfway point. It wasn't a goal, but I still like doing it anyway.

Nothing. I have no excuse, it just… didn’t happen.


Gods, she was so glad she wasn’t born human. Imagine having to walk all the time? What a terrible way to live.
Lahera, Thief’s Gamble Chapter 8

Day Total: 3570 words
NaNo Total: 57,821 words
Book Total: 15,259 words

I'm loving Lahera more and more as this novella goes on.

Nothing. Again.


Very intimidating. So scary. Fear her!
Lahera, Thief’s Gamble Chapter 11

Day Total: 5180 words
NaNo Total: 63,001 words
Book Total: 20,439 words

Okay, so I've had a fair few days off since I last updated, but... well, no, I don't have an excuse really. Some days just haven't worked out for me, for whatever reasons. On the other hand, I'm having a lot of fun with this novella -- although I don't think poor Keo and Lahera can say the same -- and I'm hoping I'll get it finished over the next few days. That'll leave me a little time left to start Ice Falls, which isn't filling me with glee but is definitely next on my list.

So that's my recent NaNo progress. Here's hoping fellow NaNoers out there are having as much fun.

And to all and everyone, merry Monday!