NaNoWriMo Day 2
A chance to assist in an effort to bring down the arrogant swamp creature who had most probably sent him and Estenarven far below the Curse, intending it to end with their deaths? Hmm, let him think…
Khennik, Burning Sky Chapter 13

Day 2 word count: 3126
NaNo Total: 7573 words
Book Total: 53, 399 words

Ooh, I wonder who Khennik could be thinking about? ;D

A slightly shorter effort today, mostly because I have a list of other things that have to be tackled away from writing. It was also a really talky chapter, with lots of revelatory moments, which tend to fill up a chapter without using as many words. It also meant much time was wasted trying to find exactly the right words for maximum dramatic effect -- which I then removed immediately almost every time and replaced with something shorter because the characters involved aren't known for either their drama or epic wordiness *sigh*

Oh well, mustn't complain, the book is working. Yay for momentum! Long may it continue.