NaNoWriMo Day 3
I'm calling it early again today because it is Bonfire Weekend and I have furry critters in need of comfort before the fireworks begin (although the weather might helpfully put a few people off). Writing was a bit of a grind at times today, but luckily solitaire came to the rescue and a few (dozen) games soon sorted me out. 


The poor woman. The poor, poor, deluded fool. Mastekh’s heart clenched tight in sympathy.
Mastekh, Burning Sky Chapter 14

Day Total: 4517 words
NaNo Total: 12,090 words
Book Total: 57,916 words

Nice to see Mastekh worrying about someone outside his own head for a change. Bless him. Alas, this book is giving him plenty of opportunities for that since it's not exactly happy. 

I need to find a way to get some miryhls involved and let everyone be silly for a bit. It's been a few chapter since Vish challenged the rest of the flight to a scavenger hunt and the characters are in dire need of some levity. I'm pretty sure Teka can help me out.

But probably not tomorrow. I have a fort to hold down, so I'll probably take a day off from scribbling. I have a few reviews to catch up with too. Honestly, the fun just never stops...

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, wheresoever you may be, and if you're doing NaNo too, I hope it's going well :)