NaNoWriMo Day 7
Well, these last two days have been a bit of a contrast.



This was thanks to the small and stressful drama of a missing parrot. After much worry and running around locating birth certificates and ring numbers, she was thankfully found safe and sound and in her aviary not stolen as feared. Big relief! I'm still not entirely sure where she hid herself, but she's fine and that's all that matters.

Needless to say, once that was finally sorted out, I didn't really feel like writing. Or have the time to do it anyway.

But then...


“Overkill,” Jesken said, after Wellswen flicked a goose a little too hard and shot the wooden fox straight off the board and over the edge of the table.
“That’ll teach you to pounce so gleefully.”
“It won’t. I’ll be even more merciless next time and cow the rest of your gaggle into submission.”
“Geese never submit.”
“And foxes never die.” Jesken held up her hand and Gharrik placed the recovered fox into her palm. “Best of three?”
“Of course.” They reset the board and hunched over it in intense silence once more.
-- Burning Sky Chapter 17

(They're playing Fox and Geese, btw, so no actual fake geese were harmed by Wellswen's inability to lose with grace.)

Day Total: 9135 words
NaNo Total: 25,698 words
Book Total: 71, 524 words

Back on track, I now finally feel like I'm hitting my NaNo stride. Except tomorrow I have the dentist and thanks to bad trains it will take about two and a half hours to attend a ten minute appointment, so I may be pushed for time. I might also accidentally fall into a bookshop that is completely and utterly out of my way as well, but I deserve some compensations.

In terms of the book, though, I'm almost enjoying it. Which is good because the home stretch is definitely looming and there are still a few loose ends, big dramas and cliff hangers to sort out. Fun :D

Here's hoping your week is going well, wheresoever you are and whatsoever you may be up to. Merry Wednesday!