NaNoWriMo Day 8
Early post today because I had time to write this morning, yay! But now I have to leave and go to the dentist, boo.



“Why wouldn’t I want to fix you, Khennik? You’re important.” Litha patted him on the arm again. “Think of all the hard work you do, as a delegate, as an elder. Why, one day you might even change the Overworld.”
Burning Sky Chapter 18

Day Total: 4049 words
NaNo Total: 29,747 words
Book Total: 75,573 words

The momentum has really kicked in and I'm frustrated because I'm so close, so close, so close to the end and just want to write, write, write until I've got it all done. All the little details that I threw in earlier for no real reason are finally turning into vital plot points that I can connect together and things are not going entirely how I planned it -- and I love it! 

This is my favourite part, where my subconscious kicks in and points out all the things I should have realised earlier, since it has so helpfully been laying breadcrumbs for me all along. Random things and tiny details that didn't really add anything when I originally wrote them, but now mean everything.

And I HAVEN'T EVEN REACHED THE BEST BIT YET! Argh! If I had my way I'd probably have finished the whole thing today, or get really close. Alas, as it is, it'll have to wait. But definitely this weekend. This weekend this book will be mine. I will wrestle it to the ground and finally, finally conquer the wretched thing.

Muhahahahahahaha! Victory is within reach!

Then I can start the next one.



Merry Thursday, all.