NaNoWriMo Day 9
Due to multiple interruptions I didn't quite get to finish everything today. But I am very close now and pretty much know exactly what's going to happen. So it's all over bar the shouting (of which there will be much). Huzzah! Bring on tomorrow.

But first...  


“It mattered. It mattered a lot, because Nera desperately needed to know which dragon she could punch for this.”
Nera, Burning Sky Chapter 19

Day Total: 8600 words
NaNo Total: 38,347 words
Book Total: 84,173 words

I was swinging between emotion and action today, so it's probably all over the place. I look forward to editing it later and asking just where my head was at. But otherwise, I agree with Ni. However, luckily, I know exactly which dragons to punch, and I get to do it :D Lucky authorial me.

I am so relieved that this book is almost done. I doubted it would happen, but look, NaNo came through. I shan't start celebrating just yet, but I am nevertheless pretty chipper.

Here's hoping your own NaNo adventures are going just as well.

And in non-NaNo news, I hope you have a good weekend!