Nanowrimo Instant Post Day 2
Once upon a time, there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. And then, there was Everything. Everything started off small and dense in the middle of nowhere. Smaller than a crumb, smaller than an atom, smaller than an electron. But it grew. And grew. And grew. Until it couldn't grow anymore. It was a perfect circle. A sphere. A ball of everything. It couldn't grow anymore the same way it did, so it gathered itself on the edge of itself, and grew again. Then it was two. Perfectly balanced, even, connected, yet different. With the second, came light. It gathered itself on the edge of the two, and grew again. Now it was three. Still balanced, but more stable. With the third, came space. It grew again and again and again until there were seven. Six perfect spheres connected to a center sphere of Everything. That was the beginning. It has grown since then. It is still Everything. All one. Just grown.