"Nap Time" - Little time-lapse! and some notes =)
Hello dear friends!

Thank you so much for your patience this year! January has been a tiny bit weird but I'm glad to be posting more content again to share with you!

Today I'm sharing this short time-lapse, I'm really proud of what I could achieve with this tiny painting and as I was able to record the process with little to no issue, I was excited to speed it up and share it with you all!

This piece is 5in x 7in. Made with Acrylics, Prismacolor and Deleter White 2 ink on Illustration board.

If you'd like to see a 24 min version of this video there's a post I shared with my $5+ members! It has me awkwardly talking about the process and hoping you don't get bored! (I've been told my voice makes people sleep!) and in the body of the post you can find a little description of the materials I used!

I hope you enjoy the version you chose to check!

You can find prints of this piece, and other piecesas well as some originals available  at my shop!

Storenvy (ships directly by me)

And misc prints at:

I'm just starting to draw again, and trying to focus on improving a few aspects of anatomy I need to keep in check. I'm very happy with a sketch I'm working on, I hope to be sharing it with you tomorrow!

On a serious note...

Artists on Patreon are worried that are people who just pledge to steal the content from people in the platform.

I can't do much about it, the best thing I can do is to send downloadable rewards directly to your Patreon Messages after each month is over. As I'm creating some of my coloring pages exclusively for my Patrons. High tier rewards are sent by mail after payments are processed. But entry level tiers are what worry me the most right now.

I will try to find a better way for you guys to enjoy the content without much problem but piracy is terrible. Please, do not support it and do not share links that could lead people to watch stolen content from hard-working creators!

I am very aware of the situation, I think I haven't been a target but it could happen at any time. I will try my best to keep the content I offer here safe =)

I really really appreciate your support during this 4 months! I hope to bring you more lovely posts as I finally get to sit and draw as I managed at the end of 2017!

ALSO! Artists of Azeroth zine Pre-Orders are LIVE!  you can order the book from January 16th to January 31st! Remember, all profits will go to charity! To St Jude Children's Hospital!  Last year the zine was able to donate $1200 from sales of the book <3  Let's try to match and go over that number!

If you're interested, please visit the following link and pre-order your copy!


Thank you for your never ending support on Patreon and on social media as well!

Have the most wonderful day!